A common problem all our clients face is managing their tenants, because they normally stay far away from their property. Wouldn't it be nice if someone could visit your house and see how it is being maintained? This is where we come in.
Services available from ₹ 12000 Onwards

No Spam. No Sharing. 100% Confidentiality.

Lessor/Lessee Address

Parent Document

ID Proof

Property Asset list

Rental Agreement

    We visit your property before and after the tenant leaves and also from time to time to keep a check.

    We give you a clear picture by sending you pictures and videos of how your property is being maintained.

    We also help out with drafting a rental agreement in case you already do not have one.

    If required, we also help out with collecting the rent and deposit the amount into your bank, where you will receive a confirmation mail.