Lands and Lands (L&L) is a service from Lands and Lands Ventures India Pvt Ltd.
Any refund on services you order through L&L will be governed by the refund policy as follows,

There is no listing fee for the entire L&L website. This is applicable for all users of the website.

All payments placed with us will be scrutinized by the client service team and might take up to 48 hours, In the course the order If declared feasible will be executed If declared not feasible, a full refund will be given to the client In the meantime if the client decides to opt out the client will be given a full refund

Any order that is feasible and is overdue by 48 hours is a confirmed order. Cancellation of such orders will incur appropriate charges and they are applicable as follows
For one time non annual orders

L&L will deduct 25% of the order value as cancellation charges and the balance shall be refunded. If any extra quote amount is paid by the client either offline/online, then it will be refunded after deduction of any costs already incurred. If there is any order that could not be completed for reasons other than clients request for cancellation, then refund will be given after deduction of 25% of the order value plus any costs already incurred. These reasons could be any of the following-
If any order could not be executed or completed by L&L then a full refund will be given.
Lands and Lands acts as only a facilitator in India on behalf of the customer. L&L cannot be held responsible for bureaucratic delays when dealing with government bodies / academic institutions / external agencies. All tasks are done on best effort basis only. The decision of the company will be final and binding on this matter.
For Annual Orders

Refunds will be done after deducting a cancellation fee for services already rendered. This will be calculated on a slab rate as per the below chart:
Date of cancellation * Refund %
1st Quarter 75% of order value
2nd Quarter 50% of order value
3rd Quarter 25% of order value
4th Quarter No Refund
* Calculated from date of ordering
Any additional costs already incurred in executing your task shall also be deducted wherever applicable. Once an order is completed, no refunds can be made.
Time to refund to process a request for cancellation is a maximum of 7 working days. However time lines for actual refund to take place and for the credit to reach your account would depend on the speed of banking channels and the credit card companies involved in the transaction (as may be applicable).

We are a 360 o real estate services provider who will serve you with legal opinion to property buying and registering, paperwork to property management. More than 1300 customers trusted us with our services in the last year alone.

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