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Do you own a property in Coimbatore?

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Finding someone reliable, trustworthy and competent to look after every aspect of managing your property can be a challenge. At Lands & Lands, we go the extra mile to cover every aspect of real-estate related service offerings.

From overseeing tenant vacation to protecting your property from encroachers and finding reliable contractors for the upkeep and maintenance of your property – all of that is easy through our vast pool of tried and tested resources.


Find Tenants for Your Property

Do you own a residential or commercial property that you want to rent out? Why not let Lands & Lands find you the right tenant? We will be mindful of your terms and conditions, get you the right market price and also take care of all your documentation needs.

Monitor Your Property

Encroachment is becoming an increasingly common problem for property owners, but we have a solution to that as well. We offer regular visits to inspect your property and can even send you photographic updates from every visit, based on the plan you have opted for.

Fence Your Property

Have you had problems with neighbours infiltrating into your property and inch by inch taking up space from your land? An easy way to protect your share of the property is by placing a fence around it. And we can help you with it!

Manage Your Tenant

A common problem a lot property owners face is managing their tenants, especially when they live far away. Wouldn't it be nice if someone could visit your house periodically to see how it is being maintained and collect rent on your behalf? This is where we come in!

Tenant Vacating Inspection

When your tenant vacates your property, it is important to inspect your house as there could be a leaky tap or a creaky wardrobe to fix. Hire professionals like us to inspect and fix the entire house before your new tenants move in.

Facility Management

Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, HVAC, Painting, Masonry, Housekeeping and Landscaping.

Peace of Mind

We represent our clients zealously, without working "both sides of the street." Through that commitment, we achieve superior results.

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