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Humans since ancient civilizations have been buying and selling lands and built structures. Trends have not changed much since prehistoric times. Amazingly, the systems have also largely remained the same. When almost everything in this world have been on steroidic evolution, thanks to technology, somehow the systems governing property trade have largely remained primitive.

Look at multi-million dollar property websites for instance. All they provide is a place to showcase properties and make inquiries online. They are at best an advertising platform for properties. They don?? touch the voluminous leg work involved in property transactions. When you buy or sell through them, you are basically throwing a few dices and hoping you would have six come on all of them. Well, odds with listing sites are slightly better than that but nevertheless, if you look at the number of property disputes registered each day, you would agree that there?? a bit of a gamble in the way things are being done.

What?? the way out, we thought. Businessmen aren?? asking ??urposeful??questions as much as they are asking ??rofitable??ones. Take an easy problem, solve it for many, multiply revenue and make millions ??thats what endeavours are about in this IPO gen. Easy and fashionable. They are indifferent for legitimate economic reasons and it?? not prudent to look upto them to solve our real problems. We need people who really want to solve problems and along the way make enough to make the service available for a lot more people. We need ??alue creators??who are willing to do the dirty job and relieve paying clients from hard work. We need to come out of the mindset of this ??ot com??generation and approach solving real estate with old fashioned service, humility, love mindset while capitalising on the technological revolution. That quickly summarizes where we come from and who we are.

Translating that into defining what we offer as service ??well, anything that needs solved regarding your property needs ??whether it be buying, selling, rental, encumbrance certificate, patta, EB bills name transfer, fencing your remote land, land encroachment handling, periodic checks of a property in places you can?? visit, anything..that?? right, anything you need done, we will absolutely address them.

Sorry, we didn?? wish you yet. Wish you a splendid 2016. We??l come back with the next informatively engaging newsletter in a couple of weeks. Till then digest this, share this and save someone from a bad property headache.

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